Long And Lazy Days Lounging On A Floating House Boat Is The Perfect Summer Activity

Could you imagine having a houseboat like this as a kid? You could easily spend your whole summer on a tiny house building like this; it's the ultimate summer vacation tiny houseboat. This tiny floating houseboat is the coolest thing ever. With three level of space to enjoy, from the main level tiny house where you can change into your swimsuit or spend some time reading or hanging out on one of the benches inside. Then you have the outdoor wrap around patio on the main level; then you move up a level to the upper deck where you can hang out with friends and family, and then up above to another level where you have an upper-level hammock. There is a boat motor attached to the back of this tiny houseboat, and it looks like this family travel around in this tiny floating home quite a bit.

A houseboat such as the one in the photos is the ultimate vacation home and the perfect place to create memories with family and friends. This houseboat is simple and wouldn't cost too much to build. A houseboat is just one of the tiny house buildings you might consider to use on your vacation, and there are plenty of other tiny house designs to think about. If a vacation tiny house building sounds like a good idea, you have lots to choose from to include Airstream trailers, tiny houses on wheels, wood cabins, yurts, and park models to name a few. You might build a tiny house building of your own, or purchase a log house kit, or prefab tiny house building to help with most of the work. The options are endless.

This houseboat provides the perfect vacation home to spend time with the kids, but houseboats are also popular options for full time living. Either way, a houseboat has plenty of advantages when it comes to small house living. For starters depending on where you live a houseboat may not be considered real property, so you might not be paying property taxes. In others locations where it may be considered personal property, you’ll be levied a small personal property tax annually. Another benefit is you don't have to worry about yard work, or shoveling the driveway in the winter. And you will always be guaranteed of a water view without the worry of anyone blocking that view. There is a certain serenity about staying on the water that you can't get from anywhere else. There may be a certain rocking sensation from the water’s surface that can be soothing for most people; you may want to try staying in a houseboat before investing to make sure that swaying doesn't bother you. Water has calming properties that most people love, and there is a soothing effect to the movement of a boat while it is in the water that may slowly rock you to sleep. Houseboats are an excellent escape for people who wish to find and have some peace.

This tiny floating houseboat is just one of the unique tiny homes you will find. A houseboat is just one of the tiny house buildings you might consider when thinking about a tiny house of your own. Whether you are thinking about downsizing so you can travel more or pursue your passions, or are in need of a vacation home, artist studio or writers retreat, there have never been so many tiny house buildings available as there are today. Small house living is a great way to get the space you need, and with so many options there is something to suit most any budget, lifestyle and need.

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