Little House - A Tiny House That Overlooks Washington's Puget Sound

The Little House is a compact cabin building that is located in a Washington forest. The tiny home designed by American studio MW Works has exterior walls exterior walls clad in weathered cedar and blackened cement. The Little House is situated in a lush second growth forest on a north facing bluff that overlooks Hood Canal. The tiny cabin building was built over an existing foundation, with the new building being just over 400 square feet. The designers for the tiny house project wanted to design a compact, modern cabin building that was simple and efficient. You approach the cabin from the south where there is a thin canopy that marks the entry and frames the views of the canal down below.

The cabin building has taut oxidized black cedar and blackened cement infill panels that clad the exterior while the interior uses lightly painted panels and soft pine plywood that makes the cabin warm and helping brighten the interior. On a sunny western corner of the cabin building, there is a large patio that reaches out into the landscape and serves as the perfect jumping off point to the trail system that wanders down to the water’s edge. The modern tiny is small in size but feels much larger in its surrounding location. The cabin building is located Seabeck, Washington.

The tiny cabin is a lovely mix of natural building materials that fit in perfectly with its natural surroundings. The large windows in the cabin offer scenic views of the canal so that you always feel like a part of nature. The simple lines and finishes of both the interior and exterior of the tiny cabin building offer little in the way of distractions, making for a place that feels tranquil and calm. Everywhere you look, whether it be on the exterior or exterior of the tiny cabin the finishes are narrowed down to a simple palette to include white, black and natural wood finishes which are a great compliment to the natural surroundings.

The Little House has received plenty of recognition to include the aia national honor awards for architecture, 2017 small project award the aia honor awards northwest and Pacific region 2016 merit award, the aia honor awards for Washington 2015 honor award and the Chicago Athenaeum American architecture award 2017 recipient. The cabin building is located in Seabeck, which is a waterfront village and former mill town in Washington State. The cabin building sits in the forest on a bluff that overlooks Hood Canal, a waterway part of the Puget Sound.

The cabin was built by Seattle-based studio MW Works for clients from Houston who have spent several summers in the area, visiting family on a nearby property. The clients loved the wildness of the southern canal and imagined themselves in a small retreat of their own. The rectangular floor plan was built atop of an existing foundation that measured 20 by 20 feet for a total 400 square feet. The cabin design team wanted to create a compact tiny house design that was efficient and relatively easy to build.

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