Large Logs Make a Beautiful and Charming Log Home

Looking at a log home, you might be able to notice that the size of the logs really does make a difference in the overall look of the home. In this home built by Log Homes Canada, you can see that the large-diameter logs used to build it make for a stunning overall appearance, and also a longlasting log home. This log home is set on Georgia’s Lake Blue Ridge built with western red cedar logs by Log Homes Canada, a reputable log home builder based in Canada. The logs the log home is built with measure 14 inches in diameter and were each handcrafted to build this home. That means, each of the logs were handpicked, and hand peeled to ensure that they all came out looking beautiful. While you don't necessarily get that uniform, matching look you'd get with a manufactured log home, what you do get with a handcrafted log home is a completely unique, one of a kind home with so much character and charm. The logs are not all that's interesting about this home; the floor plan is also wonderful as well. With a total of 2,085 square feet in total with 1,885 square feet on the main floor and 200 square feet in the loft space. It's a nice medium sized floor plan with a lot of great space for daily living and entertaining.

The logs were each scribed by hand and cut using a chainsaw to allow the bottom of each log to fit into the log it's sitting on top of which creates that nice, tight fit the logs need to create a good building envelope. They also install a gasket and insulation into this space as well. The customers found Log Homes Canada at a Log and Timber Home Show in Atlanta and asked the company to go out to have a look at his property in Blue Ridge. So they went out and had a look at the stunning lakefront property and even though it would be a challenging property to build a home on, they made it work. Once they were able to get over the hurdle of delivering the large logs to the building site, the construction was able to get underway and soon the log home was built. Then, they added some great finishing touches that would bring even more personality to this home. They added Poplar Tree Bark to the exterior gable that sits above the garage and the shed dormer above a bedroom. They also added on a second bedroom later on for the client as well. They went with simple architectural shingles for the roof of the log house which showcases the truss system beautifully.

All of this fine craftsmanship is found within the log home as well, especially in the living area with a beautiful arch created out of hand carved wood. The master bedroom has another great feature with the interior awning, which features the Poplar bark from the outside. They also installed little features that come in handy like the built-in reading lights over the bed in the master suite. The owner was so impressed with the home that he went from just another customer to working for Log Homes Canada building 15 log homes in the United States and in Mexico. Overall, this is a beautiful example of a stately log home that's neither too large or too small with 2 bedrooms and 1 and a half bathrooms. It would be perfect for one or two people and maybe even a smaller family. How would you enjoy living in a log home like this?

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