Isn't This Adorable Island Tiny Cabin a Perfect Vacation Getaway? What a View!

This attractive little cabin building overlooks the coastal waters and islands of British Columbia. It is located in the development of recreational lots on Gambier Island, just north of Vancouver. The Tiny Getaway Cabin building provides a basic but well-built tiny house building for glamping and storing camping gear between visits. If the owners want to, later on, build a larger cabin building, the Tiny Getaway cabin can serve as either a workshop or a place to store tools and building supplies. Once the main cabin building was complete, the Tiny Getaway Cabin would make for a nice-sized guest cabin or a studio space.

The tiny cabin uses Western Red Cedar board and batten siding along with exposed rafter tails to give this Tiny Getaway a classic cabin look. The inside of the 16 foot by 12 foot for 192 square feet of space, is a single room with a loft in one corner, where a shed dormer provides a bit of extra headroom. While the walls of the cabin building are of standard two by four construction, the loft and the roof were timber-framed using Spruce beams and rafters. The interior walls of the tiny cabin design were left open for the buyers to insulate and finish themselves if they wish. A sliding patio door in the cabin makes for easy access to the large deck that is on the front of the cabin. The cabin building and matching outhouse were built off-island by Click Modular Homes. The completed cabin building was then transported by trailer and barge to the island and set into place.

This tiny cabin building is the perfect size to use as a vacation home, a place to go away, relax and de-stress. So, what are the benefits you’ll eventually get when having a vacation? Taking vacations on a regular basis is necessary. It doesn't mean you have to entail flying somewhere far or going too far from home. Your vacation getaway can be out your back door. The key point is to find a setting that will allow you to leave your worries behind. A great way to spend it is to leap a new surrounding, not with the usual place you are living in. In this manner, you will be able to disconnect yourself from the daily concerns you are facing every day.

You might be interested in this cozy and relaxing cabin that is overlooking the coastal waters and islands of British Columbia. This tiny getaway cabin is located on Gambier Island, just north of Vancouver. The interior size is 16 feet by 12 feet in structure. It has a single room, with a loft in the corner. There is also a sliding patio door leading to the large deck. You might wonder, how was is transported to the island? OK, the completed cabin was transported using a trailer and a barge taking it to the island where it was set into place. For more information, you may visit ‘Small House Bliss’ website, or check out Rick Gustavson; the real estate broker.

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