Inspiring! Couple Quit Their Jobs to Travel Around North America in Their Mobile Tiny Home

While some people park their tiny houses on wheels on a property and live stationary, there are those who choose to live mobile in their tiny houses. This is Jenna's Cypress mobile tiny home from Tumbleweed Tiny Houses. Jenna got her tiny house from Tumbleweed with her former boyfriend Guillaume back in 2013. They were both lovers of travelling and so it was a no-brainer for them to get one of these awesome tiny homes. They both had careers that they quit in order to pursue their dream life, living on the road and doing travel journalism. Guillaume is in photography, and Jenna writes. So they decided to combine their passions by going on an adventure around North America to check out other people's tiny homes. They do great interviews and tours of tiny homes all over North America and they have quite an interesting blog to read called Tiny House Giant Journey where people can read about their journey and all of the different homes they see along the way.

Their home on wheels was the perfect size for them and their little cute dog named Salies, who goes along happily for the ride. The home is from Tumbleweed Tiny Homes and is called the Cypress Home. It measures 20 feet for the one that they own and travel in, which is a total of 144 square feet. This tiny house model starts at around $60,000 to buy, but you can also do a payment plan with the company too. There is plenty of space in the little abode for the 3 travellers, a nice sleeping loft that has enough room for extra storage, to put a few clothes or whatever else they need. There is also another bedroom on the main floor of the house, which has doors on it, and there is a little futon that can double as seating too.

As you will notice, there is a bathroom all the way at the other end of the house, and the kitchen is a galley style kitchen with a larger sized gas stove in it, which would be awesome for cooking on the road. They also have a little wood burning stove to keep the house warm on the chillier nights. There is a storage loft where they can keep any extra things they need to store and there are lots of nice windows including a great skylight in the ceiling that lets lots of great light in. This would be such a fun way to live on the road, like a turtle, carrying your home with you where ever you go. Jenna continued on the road on her own once the couple decided to part ways and she still keeps active on her blog from time to time and makes videos updating us on her travels in her tiny house. She even has some great tips for winterizing a tiny house which would come in handy for colder places in the world. Are you inspired to travel this way? You can look through the many plans and designs on the Tumbleweed Tiny Homes website to see which one would suit your needs.

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