Incredible Cozy Cabin In Germany

This cozy cabin building is located in Arnbruck, Bayern, Germany and can accommodate up to 3 guests with one bedroom, 2 beds, and one bathroom. During your vacation stay, you'll have the entire cabin building to yourself. The wood was built in 1875 by the Arnbruck forest farmer Franz Sturm as his Austragshaus. The wood cabin has always been appreciated for its idyllic, quiet location, where deer graze in the morning and the sun sets in the evening. Today, this cozy cabin building offers freedom with attention to all essentials, located in a lovely setting in nature. The cabin building has the original furniture of the Franz, a sauna, high-quality Schramm beds, and a wood stove. It's like time travel to Bavaria around the turn of the century. Inside the cabin building, you'll find that the wide wood floor planks creak a bit and the walls from the thick beams speak for themselves.

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The special feature for the cabin building includes the sauna, which is directly in Zuhausl. After your sauna, you can cool off under the rain shower and then enjoy the peace in the Kammerl or the meadow. Firewood for the wood cabin fireplace is available and included in the cabin building price. This wood cabin is surrounded by farmers with paddocks and the beautiful Bavarian Forest. The opposite cabin building is built in a typical regional Waldbauernhof style. This puts the wood cabin right at the foot of Muhlriegel, one of the 8,000 meters of the Arber massif. The cozy cabin building is accessible by car.

A wood cabin is a step in the right direction when it comes to green building design. Wood is considered a renewable building material that when sustainably managed it will be available for future generations. There are many ways that you can make your wood cabin more energy efficient. Insulation, heating, and cooling are just a few of the ways you can make your wood cabin more comfortable and energy-efficient. You'll want to properly plan your wood design to benefit from energy-efficient construction so you can save money in the future on both heating and cooling bills and ensure that your log house will benefit you for years to come.

Insulation. There are several ways to insulate your wood cabin. Your choice of insulation can have a significant impact on both the heating and cooling bills. Fluffy fiberglass or mineral wool batt insulation are two ways you can insulate both framed walls and attics. This type of home insulation is probably the most popular and least expensive insulation option. Batt or blanket insulation is another type of insulation and cabin be effective if the insulation is installed correctly.

Wood cabin roofs, especially those with exposed beams and cathedral ceilings, will often use rigid foam sheets for insulation. In some cases, the log house cathedral roof is made using structural insulated panels or SIPs that consist of rigid foam that is sandwiched between skins of OSB or plywood. These structural insulated panels can cover a roof quickly and help to provide superior insulating for your log house roof.

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