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Lake Country Log Home builders from Sicamous, British Columbia are the premier developer of Handcrafted Log and Timber Frame homes. They pride themselves with their extensive log house building capabilities, quality of service and superior log house craftsmanship. These log house builders know that it takes more than good supplies to produce a quality log home. It also takes both heart and a genuine love for the art of log cabin building. They are committed to being a leader in building beautiful, energy efficient and sustainable log houses that are both aesthetically appealing and comfortable to live in. These log house builders can guide you through the complexity of building your own custom log home. Whether you are looking for a Western Red Cedar character cabin building with flared butts, a Douglas Fir log home or another premium log house and timber choice, they will take great pride in every aspect of the cabin building process, from your custom designed log house blueprints to the careful handcrafting of your log house and timber package.

Lake Country is passionate about helping clients build their custom Handcrafted Log House or Timber Frame Cabin Building. They have many years in combined family experience, so they can assist you with anything you can imagine or desire when it comes to building your dream log home. They will create the house or cabin building you've been dreaming.

One option you have when building a log house with Lake Country is a handcrafted scribe fit custom log cabin building. Their handcrafted scribe fit custom cabin buildings are built using British Columbia Western Red Cedar, Pine, Spruce or Douglas Fir which offers a unique and rustic contrast to the uniformity of machined or milled logs. Every log in a handcrafted log home is individually handcrafted by an experienced craftsman whose labor and intensive efforts help to reveal the distinctive characteristics of every log. No two logs in your log house are the same, which makes your log house or log cabin building a unique piece of art.

A handcrafted scribe fit sacked cabin building boasts a timeless feature of exposed logs that are stacked horizontally to form full log walls. Each log in this style of cabin building has a hand cut lateral cut into its underside that is scribed to the log found below, thereby ensuring there is a tight fit. There is no need for any siding, insulation or drywall. Because of this, log houses are both aesthetically appealing and very energy efficient. It’s no wonder why this style of log house design is the choice of so many customers. The large diameter flared character Western Red Cedar handcrafted scribed stacked cabin buildings are a very popular choice and add even more natural character to your log house.

Western Red Cedar is the most prestigious and luxurious log house species for that is used for custom log houses and cabin buildings in the world. Western Red Cedar is unsurpassed in both its natural beauty and unique characteristics. These logs have a lovely aroma that is also resistant to insects. Western Red Cedar also retains a natural oil which acts as a natural preservative, thereby helping to prevent decay. Western Red Cedar logs also hold the highest thermal value rating that is relative to all wood species used in log house designs. With characteristic such as these, it’s no wonder that Western Red Cedar is the official tree of the province of British Columbia and is often referred to The Tree of Life.

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