Eco Pods in Costa Rica Are Not Like Any Other Vacation Idea

This eco-hotel sits within the treetops of Costa Rica and makes the most of a steeply inclined site. The unique cocoon-shaped eco buildings rest gently in the forest canopy, just like fruits hanging in a tree or the beautifully constructed nests of birds or small animals. These eco buildings allow for humans to inhabit spaces high above the ground while also creating an environment that can be shared with the local wildlife. The striking yet subtle geometry of each eco pod offers a sense of enclosure which is wholly unique and respectful of its natural treetop setting.

Nature leads to Design. Studio Saxe helps to bring the structural form to ideas inspired by nature. Their team of Costa Rica architects combine their local knowledge with international eco-building design, blending a modern, global aesthetic that uses local expertise which extends to craftsmanship, sustainable sourcing of local building materials and personal connections. A clever eco-building design doesn’t require much-added technology. True sustainability is something that responds to natural conditions to help minimize resource use and to maximize beautiful sensory experiences. The eco buildings are a truly unique vacation idea that is sure to relax and invigorate you. With views of the ocean, natural building materials, and modern design this eco-building is sure to be like no other.

There are benefits that can be derived from eco-building. One of the top benefits for the owner of an eco-building is energy efficiency. Designers of eco buildings try as much as possible to help reduce the dependency on energy from non-renewable sources such as coal. One way to do this is to install solar panels to make use of energy from the sun and to design windows in a way that allows as much natural light into the house as possible and, therefore, helps to reduce the use of artificial light. Energy efficiency is essential in eco-building not only for the user but also for the entire earth because non-renewable energy sources are expensive and also pollute the environment.

Water Efficiency. It is using water resources in a way that saves water and ensures that today and future generations of people will enjoy a reliable supply of clean water. Eco-building allows for the use of alternative sources of water to include rainwater, which reduces the water waste through the installation of efficient plumbing fixtures that reduce the strain on the shared water resources by installing systems that help to purify water and enable recycling.

Better Environment. By reducing the use of energy sources that pollute the environment with sources such as coal, eco-buildings help to contribute to keeping the environment clean. Also, by reducing the levels of carbon dioxide that is mitted to the atmosphere, eco-buildings help to lessen the pace of climate change.

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Eco Building Reduces the Strain on Local Resources. As the worlds population increases, local shared natural resources such as water and energy come under considerable pressure. Through the use of modern technologies and processes that increase both water and energy efficiency, eco-buildings can reduce this strain.

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