Eco Housing In A Modern Nomadic Design

When you think of your dream home design, you don't just think of its design, but you think of its location too, where it will be, and what your views will look like. This sustainable nomadic home design gives a whole new meaning to a home's location. The sustainable home was designed by Berlin-based, Studio Aisslinger, with the modular home design being located in Northern Italy, near Bozen. The modern home design has views of the Dolomite Mountains, and the best part, besides the views is that the home can be completely taken apart and then rebuilt in an entirely new location. This unique home design makes nomadic living stylish and easy, as one day you could be looking at your views of the mountains, while the next you are looking at forests, lake or meadow, the choice is yours, and what an exciting concept to be able to move your home design. Nomadic living has never looked so good.

Normally when you think about changing locations, you decide on a location, then purchase or build a new house in a different location. With modular home designs like this modular home design, it completely changes what your future can look like and makes it easy. Most often people who like to move around decide to live in home design with wheels, possibly an Airstream, an RV, a camper or even a yurt. With the freedom this modular home design offers, you could pick up and leave locations to go to a new job, or maybe you just want to see a different part of the country, it opens up a world of possibilities.

Architectural design is only going to get more innovative as time goes along, and its probably safe to safe that most people these days want something that is sustainable, as more and more people lean towards environmentally friendly living. This particular home design works with its location, as it allows you to see outside, therefore making the views part of your living space. The views all around the house is also a great way to open up the space, making it feel much larger than it is, and a part of the landscape.

This structure is perfect for the travelling nomad, all while leaving a minimal Carbon footprint. This unique small house plan is called the Fincube, and it is made entirely of local wood. The home design is minimal, building material-orientated and in close touch with nature. The sustainable home design has 360-degree triple glazing that is furnished with a second facade layer, giving the home design a very elegant, and modern shape. The modular aspect of the Fincube allows it to be embedded into a variety of different landscapes to include forests, meadows and mountain. The combination of the long-lasting design and the option of changing your home location make the Fincube a flexible option for homes or hideaways and a lifetime companion. To top it off, the Fincube home design is a smart house, with all vital functions being controlled by a central touch panel.

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