Eco Housing From Leap Factory - Prefab Designs That Go Anywhere!

This modern prefab design from Leap has smart technologies and first-class building materials that make for an innovative prefab for zero-impact living. Buying a Leap Home is a process to ensure you get a prefab tiny home that suits your lifestyle and needs. To start you pick the perfect location, you then conceptualize and customize the design, and then the home is ready to be built. The Leap Home is an eco friendly modular home that uses luxury building materials. The frame for the Leap Home is manufactured with quality engineering for high efficiency and best-in-class design.

This eco home design allows you to breathe nature in a green and innovative home design with wide openings and refined details. The modular tiny house can be tailored to the client, with Made in Italy design and interiors. The organization of the tiny space can be adapted through many configurations, which are intended for different uses and are completely customizable. The main finishes in the Leap Home prefab on both the exterior and interior along with the technologically in the home can be chosen within a range that is specifically selected and optimized during the home design phase.

The beams and pillars of the prefab home are visible inside the modular home and help to give rhythm to the space and integrate a rich system of fixed furniture made to measure: wardrobes, chests of drawers, libraries, pantry. The prefab home is equipped with technological installations, fixed furnishings and accessories, so it is ready to be lived in and delivered turnkey to the customer. All of the finishes are coordinated and made with resistant, luxury, and ecological building materials. Inside you will find cozy details that make for a seamless indoor/outdoor living experience. The options for openings available for the Prefab Frame model in addition to the large sliding glass doors, are the punctual window, the vertical ribbon window, the skyling on the roof pitches and the bay window on the back. All of these options are useful to help configure each new home in an optimum manner, adapting to the location, places, climates, and individual tastes of the owners.

To customize the Leap prefab home you work with a dedicated designer with a team of skilled professionals. They will help to design your off-grid prefab home and bring it to life according to your requirements and needs. The prefab home comes with a range of Italian design finishes, optional modules to include garages or decks and solar energy. Once the prefab home is built you will need to prep your site, you can work with local contractors to prepare the site, setting the foundations and the utility connections. The modules and components will be delivered to your building site from Italy.

Once the prefab home arrives at your building site everything is ready, so the installation will run smooth and quickly. They can send their whole team to your building site or just a Leap Operations Manager, who can help supervise your team. The LeapHome changes the way the building site is traditionally understood, doing away with weater delays, high costs and a sound ecological footprint. The operations on the building site are drastically reduced, as they are limited to a clean assembly of small building components making this prefab design easy to set up.

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