Cost Effective Polycarbonate Cabin - Perfect for Your Small House Living Needs

This polycarbonate tiny house is an affordable vacation home in Chile. Architect Alejandro Soffia designed this beautiful compact Polycarbonate Cabin on a tight budget of just $36 per square foot. Soffia has experimented with various cost-saving building techniques, including this SIP Panel House located in Santo Domingo, Chile. With the Polycarbonate cabin building, the architect stepped away from the prefab design which typically requires some industrial processes, which can limit you when trying to save on building costs.

Soffia applied his low-tech approach to designing the Polycarbonate cabin building and, working with a local carpenter; he used local building techniques and building materials to help minimize costs. Aside from a tight budget, Soffia also faced the challenge of a small and shaded building site because of the placement of the built house and a pre-existing 100 square foot room. To solve this design challenge, he built the pre-existing room out onto a sun-soaked outdoor patio and then added extensions on either side of the room with the translucent polycarbonate panels that let in the natural light. Inside the tiny home design, light-colored wood surfaces were used to help reflect light and to add to a sense of spaciousness. The client rents out the polycarbonate cabin building as a rental vacation home to visitors.

This polycarbonate cabin building is a good example that style doesn't have to be sacrificed when it comes to building within a budget. The use of low-cost building materials to include polycarbonate and untreated wood helped to keep the price tag low, but the cabin still manages to look great. The architect also worked with a local carpenter to take advantage of the local building techniques that would also help curtail costs. The polycarbonate cabin building was constructed around a small existing building, with the vacation pad having a sunny front lounge area with access to an outdoor patio, a kitchenette, large bedroom towards the back and a bathroom. The polycarbonate topped overhangs on both the front and the back of the cabin building help to provide shade.

The cabin building is a small cabin that is used to rent in Chile that stands next to a larger holiday home. The cabin built with its small budget and tight building site, with its wood-clad interior and polycarbonate walls to allow daylight inside the small cabin prove to be a memorable design. The cabin building construction was very low-tech and took only two months to complete. The cabin building also looks far more contemporary than many of the modern wooden cabins you will find. The cabin building feels simple in its form and places efficiency, practicality, and budget-friendly design above all else. The locally hired carpenter gave the home a woodsy interior that completely utilized the 322 square foot space. The small bedroom inside the cabin building comes with a polycarbonate panel in the backdrop that lets in some filtered light while still offering ample privacy. A glass wall on the other side of the cabin offers lovely views of the landscape while the cozy and modern cabin interior leaves people inside feeling relaxed.

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