Comfortable and Modern Tiny House Rental for Glamping in New York State

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Glampers will love this cozy and modern tiny house vacation rental located in Forestburgh, New York, United States. The tiny house can accommodate up to 3 guests with a private bathroom, kitchen, and pets allowed. The tiny house vacation rental is perfect for romantic getaways in New York. This fantastic tiny house vacation rental is located on a 15-acre property outside Forestburgh and is ideal for a unique New York romantic getaway. Inside the tiny house, there is a comfy queen-sized memory foam mattress with soft bedding and linens next to the window which looks out into the surrounding countryside and beneath a glass ceiling to enjoy stargazing from the comfort of the bed. There is a hot outdoor shower at the side of the tiny house and a modern solar-powered compost toilet just a few steps away. Towels and linens at this vacation rental are kindly provided.

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Guests to the tiny house should note that the shower is not available for use after outdoor temperatures drop below freezing. The water is supplied from a five-gallon jug with an electric kettle for making hot water. In Alaska, it is called a dry cabin. Inside you'll find the wooden interior is brightly lit by the large windows and glass doors. There's a dining table with chairs for seating for two people. The kitchenette has a butane stove, fridge, microwave, and a coffeemaker, as well as all the necessary pots, pans, and utensils for guests to be able to prepare their meals. Another fun way to prepare food is outside on the gas barbecue grill.

Outside, guests to the tiny house can open up the canopy that expands the living area and provides shelter from the sun or rain, while giving guests a great place to sit in the fresh air. There is a ladder that takes guests to the rooftop deck where they'll find a couple of chairs to kick back, relax, stargazing, or enjoy the sunshine and the views below. In the evening, there's a fire pit to light up and gather around. You'll want to book this tiny house vacation rental today and experience glamping in New York for yourself. Features at the tiny house include 2 beds with 1 queen-sized bed, 1 sofa bed, heating, private barbecue, coffeemaker,

shower, hot water, kitchen, linens and pillows, firepit, and parking.

This tiny house might inspire you to learn more about small house living. Tiny house designs can be environmentally friendly, and this is because of the smaller footprint of the small house designs, which you can often build-out of re-purposed, recycled, and salvaged building materials. In addition to making your tiny home design look unique, reclaimed building materials save the number of new building materials being used. You can also set up your tiny houses to live off-grid. Using solar panels or wind resources can give your tiny house power, installing a composting toilet, and using a rainwater catch and filtration system, are all ways to enabling your tiny house design to be functional anywhere in the world.

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