Cabin for 2 People in Chamonix Valley, France

You'll want to take a look inside this cozy cabin building located in Les Houches, Rhone-Alpes, France. The wood cabin can accommodate up to 2 guests with one bedroom, 2 beds, and one bathroom. During your vacation sta;y you'll have the entire cabin chalet to yourself. This independent wood cabin has 323 square feet and is located just 10 minutes by car from Chamonix, with bus and train stops located 328 yards away. On the first floor of the cozy cabin, the building is a kitchen, bathroom, and a sofa bed for two people. Underneath there is a bed for two people.

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The cozy cabin building has parking, towels, sheets, and pets are allowed. The wood cabin rental is located in a very quiet area, where you will be able to relax and decide on your own to leave for walks at any time of year. The rental is independent with a small patio that faces the mountains. The wood cabin is located in a quiet area with no problems. During your vacation stay it is recommended that you have a car, but there are also bus stations and trains that are not too far away. There is private parking included in the rental price.

When it comes to log cabin design you can take advantage of passive solar design tips. If you want long-term satisfaction with your wood cabin design, it is good to start with an energy-efficient log house construction. There is good reason to consider energy-efficient log cabin building construction as you plan your new log house. You will want to build your wood cabin design as energy-efficient as possible. Planning can save you time and money in the future. The best and the least expensive approach to conserving energy starts with your wood cabins design. When considering passive solar energy you'll want to think about log house orientation, openings, and overhangs.

Log house orientation. You are want to start with the right orientation of your log house design. You'll want to study your cabin building site and note where the sun rises and where the sun sets each day at your proposed log home site. You want to note any obstructions that might shade your log house during the day. In a cooler climate, you want to orient your wood cabin, so the wall with the largest number of windows which is usually the great room that faces within about 15 degrees of south. In the warmer climates, you will want to avoid direct southern sun exposure. You can also swing your log house design toward the east which will allow the house to capture more of the morning sun while blocking the sunlight through the heat of the day and the evening.

Log house overhangs. Most home designs today are built with minimal overhangs to help simplify the home construction. But overhangs are about more than just about convenience and economy. Because the angle of the sun will vary with each season, you can use log house overhangs to selectively admit sunlight during the low sun-angle winter months while then blocking the sun during the high-angle summer months.

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