Beautiful Rustic Countertop To Match Your Dining Room Furniture

Live edge log furniture is timeless as it is beautiful. Many ski lodges, wood cabins, and resorts have them, but too few people ever think of putting it into their home, or they feel that it's not affordable for them. Live edge furniture can be anything as simple as a log with its natural edge or as complicated as an armoire. The essence of rustic log furniture is the feeling of nature that resonates with it. Live edge furniture is essentially wood captured at its most perfect time and held in an endless state of beauty. Rustic live edge furniture is furniture that is created using authentic building materials, typically wood, and kept in its natural form.

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When you look at custom made live edge furniture, you probably can imagine if not see the exact profile of the tree that the wood came from. If you examine the edges of the live edge wood slabs, the rough, the thick texture of the tree’s surface is still visible. With live edge furniture, the natural origins of the tree are readily apparent in this type of furniture design. Live edge furniture design can fit with any style of home design in which the natural beauty of wood and a tradition of quality craftsmanship are paramount. Artisans who make live edge furniture designs use a range of live edge wood for their furniture projects.

There are a lot of resources you can find to begin making your rustic live edge furniture. Some of it may be easy, and others are for the advanced woodworkers. Once you get the hang of making your live edge furniture, you could take any wood making pattern for tables, countertops, benches, bed frames, tables and so much more. Your furniture project may require special tools, but it would be a great investment because once you get the taste of making your live edge furniture or log furniture, it doesn't stop. There are several possibilities for making live edge furniture which is only limited by your imagination.

Live edge furniture is a treasure for generations to come and when you have quality made live edge furniture pieces, you can feel the love and care that went into making it. It is possible to make your live edge furniture, albeit hard, but the sensation of making your live edge furniture brings you closer to nature. The easiest way to acquire live edge furniture is by it from an artisan that specializes in this sort of furniture design. Regardless of how you obtain your live edge furniture, it will bring a sense of warmth and comfort to your cabin building or home design. That's the magic of wood. There is a beauty to live edge furniture that you don't get from any type of furniture. You might find a piece of live edge furniture that uses a reclaimed tree that was struck by lightning to build the piece. Using reclaimed wood for live edge furniture reflects ecological awareness and special respect for nature. By stabilizing the natural split in the wood, instead of disguising or removing the imperfection you have a piece of furniture like no other.

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