Barn-Inspired Tiny House with Industrial Interiors

This tiny house on wheels is just one of the tiny houses you 'll find from Tiny Heirloom. Tiny Heirloom is a family run business, whose values and principles stay close to heart in every decision that they make. These tiny house builders believe that integrity and hard work are important in everything they do. With over a decade of team experience in residential construction, they found something more meaningful in building tiny. So they immersed themselves in the tiny house movement and found that there was something lacking. Downsizing was a way to create a more simple and free lifestyle, so they decided to bridge the gap so that downsizing doesn’t have to mean downgrading. At this point, they realized there was something special, so they took it even one step further. So downsizing can also mean upgrading at t he same time, this company strives to take a creative and fairly new tiny house platform and make it exceptional in all fronts, with the concept that less is more.

The quality building goes into all of their custom Tiny Heirloom homes. The quality of construction is equally, if not more, important to these tiny house builders as the tiny house design and overall look of all of their custom tiny homes. From the way they build the tiny house to the building materials they use, they go above and beyond to ensure that each Tiny Heirloom tiny house is second to none. Interior Design. However unique each tiny house may be, they all have a similarity, and that is unmatched quality and beauty. The level of attention and detail to each tiny house interior can only be felt when you step inside. With all of their finish carpenters, tile setters, welders, and countless other skilled trades working together to create what many have called fine artwork.

Collaborative Process. Their custom design philosophy is to start with a blank page and assume that everything is possible until proven otherwise. Their tiny house design team works closely with you to help bring your tiny house visions and dreams to reality and create a one of a kind tiny house design that truly appeals to all of your senses. When you see the tiny finished house design for the first time, you’ll be rewarded with a sense of accomplishment and pride as you’ve designed something amazing that started with a blank page.

Exteriors. The tiny house exterior is the first defence against natural elements, so they pride themselves on creating a tight building envelope that will stand up to harsh conditions. They use cedar siding on the tiny house exteriors which not only saves weight but stands up to weather better than any of the other traditional wood sidings. To top it off, these tiny house roofs are either a membrane or standing seam metal roofs. Their metal roofs shed rain, reflect the heat and ignore snow and ice. With longevity second to none it is suited to every climate. The metal roof is made with 100percent recycled building material making it a clear choice for a Tiny Heirloom design.

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