Backyard Retreat Tiny House for only $10,909 USD

You'll be sure to fall in love with this adorable Backyard Retreat cabin building. This eye-catching small cottage plan is the perfect design to adorn your landscape. The cozy cabin building has a steep roof pitch, flying v porch and abundant barn sash windows that help to create the one of a kind aesthetic that few cabin buildings achieve. This tiny house design is versatile with endless possibilities. Whether you are looking for a cabin building to use as a child’s playhouse, a drive-thru coffee stand, or just a serene getaway away from the main house, this four-season cabin building design stands out above the rest.

This small cottage plan is fully insulated, including both the door and windows. The elegant flying v porch design and dramatic roof structure allow the ceiling to jet up to an impressive 10 feet in the back corners of the tiny cabin which gives it an open feel while still providing its cozy character. This little Small-town America style cabin building can be customized with a variety of upgrades to include several siding and roofing options, flower boxes, hand-crafted glass roundels, and weathervanes.

When dreaming about the small cottage plan lifestyle you might imagine yourself walking through a rural country landscape or listening to the sound of crickets on a hot summer night while you catch fireflies to put in the mason jar. This small house living concept creates a real sense of nostalgia as memories flood back of childhood forts, just like those small details in the Backyard Retreat cabin design that remind you of a simpler way of life. When the primary purpose of your small cottage plan is a vacation home, the intimate space is perfect for couples who are looking for peaceful weekend getaways or families who need some quality time and bonding. At the Jamaica Cottage Shop, they think that having a cabin building in the backyard can be just as rewarding as having one in the backcountry. You'll be the coolest neighbor on the block with your Backyard Retreat being used as a bunkhouse or home office. You can turn your four-seasoned cabin building retreat into a combined guest house and workspace for hobbies such as pottery or jewelry making.

Offered as frame only kits, complete pre-cut kits, 3- and 4-Season kits, or step-by-step plans nationwide, our post and beam cottage and tiny house solutions give you the extra room you need for visiting guests, a corner garden office or a country retreat. If you live within our Northeast delivery area, consider purchasing a fully assembled turn-key design delivered to your prepared site.

The Backyard Retreat is a 12 foot by 16-foot cabin building available in 4 seasons pre-cut kit with pre-set options. The base area of the Backyard Retreat is 192 square feet, with a total interior of 156 square feet and a porch area with 36 square feet. The recommended foundation for this pre-cut cabin building kit is 8 inches to 10 inches of crushed gravel.

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