An Angular Wooden Cottage Designed to Withstand Harsh Weather

This wood cabin vacation home sits nearly 3,700 feet above sea level on a scenic mountain overlook near Imingfjell, Norway. A weathered mountain top with a scenic view and the strict building regulations determined Arkitektvaerelset’s architectural design of this secluded wood cabin. The high altitude of the mountain area of Imingfjell, Norway, is stunningly beautiful, but weathered and windblown. This scenic location also has strict building regulations. Cabin buildings need to have sectioned windows, standing wood paneling, 22 to 27 degrees gabled roofs, and triple bargeboards.

The plot for the wood cabin is situated at an altitude of 3,690 feet, within a mountain area that is exposed to avalanche danger. Upon a further detailed analysis, it showed that the cabin building was securely outside the avalanche danger zone. The designer kept with the original idea of a protecting hood from their initial cabin building project sketches. The ore pine roof on the cabin protects the eyes of the cabin building in the front, and also prevents rain to dribble down the main entrance in the what is considered the neck of the cabin. The contrast between the angled pine paneling of the cabin and the black painted wood cabin body is what creates its strong geometric form. The cabin building becomes an understated iconic sculptural design in an area where most of the cabins look alike, and the clients especially liked its form.

The clients for the wood cabin had commissioned for a robust and efficient cabin building that was oriented towards the view of the lake. Their preference for clear views of the lake was one of the top priorities of this wood cabin design. The panoramic, divided corner windows and the large sliding doors in the front of the cabin help to bring the nature close into the kitchen and the living room. Inside the cabin building, you'll find oak flooring and paneling which also reflects the natural colors from the natural surroundings. In the back of the wood cabin, there is a master bedroom, a bathroom and a sauna that doubles as a guest room. Above the rooms in the cabin, there is an open attic that offers enough sleeping space for up to eight people. The wood cabin has a 785 square foot interior that is arranged around an open area with a living room, dining area and kitchen, with a glazed front that frames scenic views of the Norwegian landscape, including the lake below. Toward the rear of the wood, cabin is the main bedroom, a bathroom, and a sauna that doubles as a guest room. Stairs in the living area of the cabin lead up to the attic space.

The weathered wood on the outside of the cabin building compliments its natural location and looks as though it has always sat in this location. The mountainous terrain in Norway lends to the Hooded Cabins distinctive sculptural shape that combines both functionality and a unique aesthetic. The cabin building was completed in 2018 and is located on the Imingfjell mountain of the Telemark county.

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