A Vintage Airstream Vacation at Joshua Tree Acres

Take an Airstream vacation without having to buy an Airstream. This 1964 vintage Airstream will take you back to another time when the Beatles were stars, and cell phones were all but sci-fi dreams. This Airstream vacation rental will offer mountain views and open skies, with moon gazing at night in all while staying in an Airstream on a lovely five acres of desert land. Joshua Tree Acres is a space that was created with the intention of gathering conscious like-minded people together to explore creativity, connect with natural surroundings, and experience community.

The Sound of Silence Airstream located at Joshua Tree Acres is surrounded by Joshua Trees on five private acres. This vacation rental is located ten minutes from the village and makes for a serene escape into desert life. This Airstream vacation rental has modern amenities, but it is more of a high-end camping experience than staying in a high-end resort. The owners strive to make guests feel as comfortable as possible, but they also want you to be aware that this is not a typical hotel. It's important to note that there are no restrooms or any running water in the Airstream rentals and this is a communal property where you will be interacting with other guests. This Airstream vacation rental is all part of the outdoor desert experience and was created with the intention of offering a place to get away from the busyness of everyday life.

Some of the comfortable, modern touches in the Airstream rental include a Casper memory foam mattress. The sleeping space features thrift shop treasures, and hand made decor which blends both the past with the present. The communal space, The Clubhouse is where guests can gather to cook, wash up, eat, and meet other guests at the site. The Clubhouse has a small kitchen with a fridge/freezer and a cooking stove top.

For the cold winter nights there is a space heater, and for the warmer days and nights, there is an air conditioning unit. This Airstream vacation rental is a television-free environment. There is however a very weak Wi-Fi signal in the area. This Airstream vacation rental is a good way to spend some time to disconnect from technology and enjoy some peace and tranquillity that this can bring. Depending on your service provider, cell phone reception should be available. You may even hear the coyotes howling at night, so it's a nice experience to feel that you are in nature and an excellent way to destress. This amazing location is the perfect place to getaway, and if you are a fan of Airstream campers, you will be sure to get some inspiration of this great set up. There is access to a hot tub, outdoor kitchen, outdoor shower, communal table and fireplace.

The Airstream tiny house building has outdoor porch lights that can be turned on with a dimmer to the left of the door. You'll want to bring a sleeping mask unless you like to rise with the natural sunlight in your eyes. Filtered water is available in The Clubhouse, so it's a good idea to bring along a water bottle.

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