A Thatched Roof Adds to the Charm of this Rustic Cottage in Finland

We all love a traditional style home, and this one from Jures House, a company based in Lithuania is as traditional as it gets. Before Jures House was created there was Jures Medis that has been in operation since 1974 creating glued timber products. Jures Medis became the parent company of Jures House which was created in 2009 by JM Haus. Then in 2011, JM Haus invested in productivity and introduced some new machines to make the production of their wooden houses and materials more efficient. The company employs a wide range of individuals who are eager to learn the products, manufacturing and the customer service that Jures House is proud to offer. The company strives to bring customers their perfect home so that they can live in a beautiful, natural and healthy environment. They create a line of stunning homes, cottages, holiday villas, mountain chalets, hotels, saunas and more. They have a line of beautiful log home projects they've worked on, but all of these designs can be modified to suit a customers home building goals and desires. Most of their homes are produced for an individual project, so each home is unique. All of the materials are created in their factory using their high tech machines making it possible to achieve an accurate cut every time. So all of the materials are uniform and will all work perfectly together to create the home from the design.

They offer home plans that go up to 80 square meters which is 860 square feet, so they are the smaller cottage sized designs. Even though they are small, these homes can also be used for full-time living because living in a small home would even be better than living in an apartment or condo, so you have your own space and your own yard. These smaller options also offer people a great economic and budget-friendly option so that they can afford the upfront costs of the home as well as the maintenance and utilities. Plus, some people just find smaller homes more cozy and comfortable than large houses, and they're easier to clean too. These smaller homes will not only cost less to build, but they will also be faster to build as well. They're also quite environmentally friendly too since fewer materials are required to build them and they don't produce as much waste. On the other hand, if customers want the extra space, they can also opt for a larger home as well including those that are up to 150 meters squared or 1,600 square feet for more space. These bigger houses will also include a garage for their cars and storage.

This particular home is one of the smaller options and appears to be under 1,000 square feet. The thatched roof is what really makes this log house look very traditional and rustic. The logs are square, so they don't even really appear to be logs at first, especially since they are painted a pretty sage green colour. You can see the details of the roof and the overhang with the perfectly shaped thatching. It's really great that they still implement some older building methods into these new buildings that are created using some of the most innovative technologies. Inside, this cottage is very open which makes it feel more spacious than it is. The high ceilings really open it up, and they have placed the windows very strategically to let sunlight pour in. Bedrooms are upstairs while the main floor is for the living space including the kitchen. There's also a nice patio on the back of the home too, which would be a great place to sit out and enjoy the peace nature has to offer.

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