A Giant (Fake) Potato in Idaho Has Been Turned Into an Airbnb, and You Can Rent It for $200 a Night

Just when we think we've seen it all, there's always something new and exciting that shows up to prove us wrong. Like this giant potato house that you can actually rent out through Airbnb. This potato house in Boise, Idaho, is the perfect place to stay in the "potato state." Idaho is known as the potato state since it has ideal growing conditions because of the rich, volcanic soil as well as their ideal climate. Idaho grows more potatoes than any other state in the United States and some of the best Russet potatoes. The potato was made the official state vegetable of Idaho in 2002, and they even have a potato museum that showcases all of the different potatoes grown. There's also a huge potato sculpture outside of the museum as well with a big topping of sour cream and butter. It's also estimated that the average person eats about 140 pounds of potatoes per year in its various forms. So if you're going to Idaho and want to make your visit truly iconic, you should definitely stay in this awesome potato Airbnb on a farm.

The small accommodation is suitable for 2 people with one bedroom and one bathroom. From the outside, it looks like a large potato, but on the inside, it's a pretty inspiring place. The host is also rated as a Superhost, which is an experienced, highly rated host who has received lots of great reviews on their hosting skills as well as their accommodation. The potato house was recycled from the Idaho Potato Commission's Big Potato Tour, and it's a 6-ton potato. That travelled by truck to different states for seven years. Now it sits on 400 acres of farmland, just south of Boise. It was designed by Kristie Wolfe who used to be a Big Idaho Potato Tour spokesperson, and it looks incredible on the inside. Nothing like you might expect from a house that looks like a potato. There are even power outlets to plug in your electronic devices, a mini fridge and a record player with some old records to play. Plus there's a comfortable custom-built bed. On the same property, they also have a silo that has been turned into a spa where you can soak and look out at the sky. There's even a cute jersey cow that hangs around during your stay.

The tiny house is 28 feet long, 12 feet wide and 11.5 feet tall built out of steel, plaster and concrete. But Kristie took the potato and worked her magic to make it into a very comfortable space. She's a tiny home builder who created the hobbit hole that’s also listed on Airbnb, and she got the idea to turn the potato into a tiny house while she was travelling with it across the country. She had already been thinking up ideas and sketching out plans for when it would be in her backyard. The IPC agreed to donate it to her which is awesome. They had faith in her that it would be an amazing tiny house conversion and that it would become one of the biggest attractions in the state to promote their agricultural business.

Stepping in through the door which is concealed on one of the ends of the potato, you would never know you were in a gigantic potato, but rather a luxurious cave or eco home. She installed wood flooring and painted the concrete walls white for more light. since there are no windows in this tiny house. The cute boho style touches, and the comfortable bed make this tiny potato house a true work of art and a place people are sure to add to their bucket list of quirky places to stay.

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