A Coastal Guest Cottage Gets A Custom Renovation

This Wheeler coastal studio was originally constructed in the 1980s as a rental unit and was later converted to a modern guest cottage/home office by architectural design and build team. The look and the feel of the studio have been updated with new task and ambient lighting, sustainably harvested Eucalyptus wood flooring and slate tiling for the efficient wood stove. The kitchen in this small cottage home renovation has also been updated with cherry kitchen cabinetry fitted pull out shelving and granite kitchen countertops. To optimize the air circulation from the deck, the sliding door was updated with wood clad doors with matching windows on both sides. The elevated sills of the new windows in the small cottage home also made room for a small desk and an end table. Other additional functional improvements included storage space for the family's collection of South American tapestries, and relocating the loft ladder.

The Wheeler Studio is a version of a tiny house design. Tiny house design is commonly described by architectural designs which encourage and advocate living simply with less of an environmental impact on the planet. It is an elegant, yet practical home design that is suited to both younger and older people looking for more affordable accommodation. Inside the small cottage home skylights help to provide excellent natural lighting. The rafters in the home design provide a refined look that offers a conducive feel to that of a traditional log home. The central wood stove in the small cottage hoe efficiently heats the space. Tiles surrounding the central hearth offer a modernist look. The unique combinations of wood, stone (as part of the kitchen countertop finish) and metal from the stove offer both a rustic and contemporary style that many find appealing.

Internal storage space is also found to be a solid feature of the Wheeler Studio. The built-in cabinets within the living room area and the kitchen offer plenty of room to make the small square footage in this home design functional. A small viewing space and niche inside the small cottage home is ideal for eating or relaxing over a good book or coffee. The outdoor deck space extends the living space outdoors, and provides a perfect balance between indoor and outdoor space, especially as residents can move from inside to out with ease and comfort. The outdoor space is conducive to growing vegetables or flowers, with the outdoor deck being perfect for both these activities. If inclined, the outdoor space in this small cottage home even offers enough space for more luxurious purchases such as a hot tub.

The Wheeler Studio as a design is practical, environmentally smart, aesthetically pleasing and an affordable option compared to conventional larger home construction. Given the wide appeal for living simplistically and comfortably this tiny house design is likely to be around for some time. The Wheeler Studio is a beautifully crafted small cottage home that combines natural building materials to make the space feel cozy, elegant and modern to be used for a variety of things.

More about this story can be found at: Rainbow Valley Design and Construction

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