A Charming Contemporary Cottage In The Woods

While many people like a rustic cottage style, others prefer a more contemporary look. Much like this cottage from Karoleena Luxury Homes. This is a very compact and stylish two-story home or cabin that was created in the company's Calgary factory and transported to Vancouver to be in a home show. After that, it was set up on a finished basement and had some geothermal heating and cooling installed as well as Elan home automation and two large lift and slide doors. Even though it's quite small, this could even be a great full-time home instead of just a cottage. From the outside, the home looks like it would be rather small on the interior, but upon entering into the home, it's a lot more spacious than you'd think. Of course, high ceilings help with this as well as the white painted walls and light accents with all of the windows. One of the design features that really opens up space are the two huge sliding doors in the corner of the living room leading out to the patio. This really creates some continuity with the outside world and brings the outdoors inside in the best way possible. The furniture in the living room is kept very minimal which matches the space perfectly. Then, the fireplace is the central focus of the space decked out in stainless steel which is a great look for a modern fireplace. Above the fireplace is the TV mounted on the wall for the perfect central placement.

The kitchen is another incredible area of this small cottage home, but the kitchen is not small by any means. This shows us that it's possible to create efficient spaces that feel larger rather than having to build a larger home. It also creates efficiency which is so important to the flow of the house as a whole. In the centre of the kitchen, there's an island which also serves to separate the kitchen from the living space and also provides some seating too. There is a large double door stainless steel fridge with a pull out drawer freezer and a dishwasher too. There's also two separate ovens mounted with the cabinets and then a countertop induction cooktop. So this kitchen is complete and would be an absolute joy to cook in. The bathroom is on the main floor with slate grey tile, beautiful cabinetry and not just one but two sinks. There's also a glassed-in shower and lots of storage which is always great for towels and linens. On the upper level is a bedroom which is super spacious and bright. This room also has some great built-in storage with some awesome cabinets that would make the best closet.

This is just one of the many prefab homes from Karoleena line of models. Each home can be any number of square feet from smaller ones like this to larger ones. Most of their standard designs are under 2,000 square feet though, so they specialize in building smaller homes. These prefab homes are created in components in the company factory and then shipped to the site and assembled on site. This means you could have a move-in ready home in as little as weeks. Karoleena also ships their homes all over the world so even if you're not in Canada, you can still order one of their beautiful designs. Customers can also customize any of the plans which means that you will get exactly what you want in your home or cottage. The team is more than happy to work with customers so that they are happy with their homes 100% of the time.

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