A Black Metal Cottage in Quebec With a Stunning Interior

The stunning cottage design goes to show how simplicity and clean lines can go a long way in having a strong impact on design. The Grand Pic small cottage home is as lovely as the woods for which its located. The designers objective was to let themselves be ourselves be inspired and guided by the characteristics of the terrain. From the beginning of this building project, the owners wanted a space that was warm and a fit to host family and friends, and one that was in harmony with the environment. The Grand Pic small cottage plan through its simplicity gives an experience that gives an experience between both architecture and nature. Located in the dense, lush forest of Quebec, Canada the small cottage plan has the perfect backdrop to provide the builders with a natural and personal relationship to the surrounding landscape. The Grand Pic cottage is by Appareil Architecture and is an excellent example of the environmental and spiritual connection in a long line of minimalist cabin building designs.

Appareil Architecture began this cabin building project with the intention of complete immersion, using the natural surrounding forest as the inspiration for their stylistic architectural design. The small cottage home is comprised of two free-standing cabin buildings that are clad in a black wooden facade with white pine, dark green foliage and a gravel foundation. Inside the primary cottage home, there is a large living room that is adorned in natural wood, metal and concrete that sits beneath plenty of natural light. The living space is attached to the cottage's minimalist kitchen, which is outfitted with modern appliances and a bright white kitchen island that is in stark contrast to the muted colors that are found elsewhere throughout the cottage project. There is a seating area on the far side of the room which allows for stunning views from the cottage home’s large vertical windows and helps to provide a comfortable, cozy place near the wood-burning fire to spend a cozy afternoon.

The two units of the small cottage home are linked together by cedar decking, which is raised above the forest ground. The outdoor deck off the main cottage can be used for grilling and entertaining, while a pathway runs around to the ancillary cabin building. Appareil Architecture is based in Montreal, Quebec and this small cottage home is located in Austin, Quebec, a lovely mountainous area that borders the state of Vermont. The designers right from the start were inspired by the terrain's characteristics.

The Austin region has dense forests with peaks and flatlands and Lake Memphremagog which is a freshwater glacial lake that spans both Canada and the United States. The building site and location were a big part of the inspiration for the cottage layout, with parking located on the periphery and a rustic pathway that leads to the cottage through the trees. This rustic path turns into the outdoor cedar decking. The larger main cottage has two storeys and has a foyer, storage cabinet, small bathroom, open-plan kitchen, living and dining room on its lower level. The owners of the cottage wanted a warm space, with a space that would work for hosting family and friends and a space that fit into its natural location.

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