Container Homes


40 Foot Lakeside Shipping Container Cabin with Gabled Roof

When you take a look at this 40-foot lakeside cabin it's hard to believe that it's a steel shipping container underneath.


Happy Twogether Steel Shipping Container House

The Happy Twogether steel shipping container home is beautiful inside and out.


Two-Story Shipping Container Home for Family Living

This two-story shipping container home is just one example of the amazing home designs that can be accomplished by recycling used building materials.


The Empty Nester Steel Shipping Container House

Steel shipping containers are just one of the ways you can build a home or get the extra space that you need.


Shipping Container DIY Julia Cabin Floor Plans

Small house living has never been easier than it is today, and this Julia shipping container floor plan is just one of the ways you can achieve your tiny house living goals.


They Look Like Little Silos, But These Are Actually Near-Indestructible Tiny Houses

Container homes are not only an excellent and affordable way to get that extra building on your land, but they're also great for environmental disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes.


Kansas City Based Company Proves That Containers Are Amazing Building Materials

This modern 40-foot steel container home with its covered front porch is just an example of what can be done.


Shipping Container Becomes Fabulous Backyard Tiny Home

If we want to save the environment, then we need to get used to recycling and reusing as many things as possible.


I Had No Idea Shipping Containers Could Look So Good

The Modern Farmhouse is one of the beautiful container homes you can get from Back Country Containers.


Shipping Container Cabin You Won't Believe How Nice It Is Inside!

Got a piece of land you want to put a small home on? One of the biggest trends in housing and home design is the shipping container and using it to create a home.


This Delightful Yellow House Show What Modular Building Is All About

Bright yellow with black accents wouldn't be the first thing you'd think of when it comes to choosing a colour pallet for a home, but somehow, architect Alejandro Soffia makes it work beautifully.


Ingenious Use of Shipping Container Gives Rise to this Beautiful Home in Bangladesh

The Escape Den is a shipping container home designed by River and Rain.


Who'd Have Thought That the Humble Container Home Can become This?

This shipping container house has 6,027 square feet of space, making it the largest of its kind in Australia where its located.


A Genius Design Turns a Shipping Container Into a Comfy Guest House

This shipping container home is beautiful inside and out.


This Might Just Inspire You to Build Your Own Container Home!

One of the pioneers of cargo box architecture or cargotecture as it's known, Adam Kalkin, has come up with many brilliant container homes over the years including his first shipping container home back in 2001.


This Incredible La Maison Conteneur Container Home Was Created By Joining Two Shipping Containers

At first glance, you may not see it right away, but this striking home was built using two old shipping containers.


The Red House Container Home Stands Out With A Pop Of Color

New Zealand is home to some of the most incredible homes in the world, and this one is another great design in Titirangi, New Zealand.


A Colorful Shipping Container Village That Offers Space For Startups

Dutch architect Julius Taminiau created this colorful temporary startup hub using steel shipping containers in an Amsterdam science park.


The Yays Crane Apartment - Stay in This Container Home Housed In a Crane!

The Yays is a three-storey luxury Crane apartment that is housed in a historic crane that boasts one bedroom, a living area, a fully equipped kitchen with dining area, a modern bathroom a separate shower and a large bathtub.


Starbucks Has Opened A Stylish New Shipping Container Coffee Shop

Starbucks has opened a stylish new coffee shop in Hualien City, Taiwan but there's something different about this location.


A Modern Home Built From Four Shipping Containers

With the high costs of building a new home, there are several new housing trends that are gaining in popularity.


A Stacked Container Home With A Rooftop Patio

The Helm is a beautiful container home by Cargo Home located in Waco, Texas, United States and is available to rent through Airbnb.


Building A Shipping Container Home in Canada from Zigloo Saves 70 Trees!

Considered one of the very first shipping container homes in Canada designed by Keith Dewey, this Shipping Container home from Zigloo has it all.


The First Shipping Container Home in The Mojave Desert - Check Out the Rooftop Garden

Ecotech Design created the very first Shipping Container Home in the Mojave Desert alongside the building branch of the company Ecotech Build.


Spend A Night In an Inspiring Shipping Container Cabin

Do you want to know what those shipping container homes are really all about? You can get up close and personal with the new housing design trend by staying in a shipping container cabin in the Catskills in New York state close to NYC.


Amazon Will Now Deliver a Tiny House Directly to Your Door

Imagine going online and ordering a tiny house design and having it delivered to your building site.


A Modern Container Style Granny Flat

This modern granny flat is a great example of what you can do when you build small.


He Started With Two Shipping Containers And Ended With A Private Off Grid Retreat

If you are thinking of creating a sustainable life for yourself and your family, or you just want to live an off-grid life, steel container home is sure to inspire you.


Clever Container Home Guest House is Both Economical and Beautiful

When shipping containers started being made into homes, it was a surprise for many.


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