Eco Pods Create The Perfect Offices or Cottages

With more and more people wanting to be environmentally responsible eco homes like these Eco Pods from Echo Living by Sam Booth are perfect. Eco homes are becoming a popular choice in home design because they cost less to maintain and upkeep and they are better for the environment. The Echo modular homes are modern and meet high eco-friendly standards. The company makes use of sustainable building materials, solar power and natural insulation products like sheeps wool or fibre. Each of these designs is quite small at only 97 square feet making it perfect for a temporary sleeping space or a home office or studio. Some may even live in houses this small for long periods of time. The eco-friendly tiny home design is modern and feels spacious inside. These designs are great because they take all of the guesswork out of designing a small space. The pods offer a space that has an excellent design that makes it easy to reduce your impact on the environment.

Each of the modules designed by Sam Booth can either stand-alone or they can be combined with other small modules to make a large space. So even if you just start with one of these eco homes, you can add to them as needed. Sam Booth has over 30 years of experience in interior and building design. With a focus on the modern, sustainable, and small building he has been working on site specific projects to bring the potential of environmentally responsible construction to the mainstream. Sam and his team come up with some very creative design concepts and then their team of craftsmen use high-performance materials to build the homes and units. Each small building can be designed with off-grid solutions integrated which will make them even more sustainable.

Customers have their choice of different fixtures and finishes to personalize their pods and make them their own. They are individually designed and constructed in their factory which allows them full control of the process to maintain quality control. They are designed to be prefabricated which makes them so quick and efficient. The building process will be free from weather holdups, plus the customers have minimal disruption to their lives. The eco pods usually take about 8 to 10 weeks depending on the size and design. Once the prefabricated pod is finished in their factory, they are delivered to the building site with all fixtures and finishes the client wants. They come with a wood stove, kitchen with integrated appliances, a bathroom, a built-in bed, storage and shelving, timber flooring, lighting, timber decking, double glazed patio doors and roof lights. So it's all ready to use once it's delivered to the site. Customers may have to look into foundation options though as the foundation isn't included in the price of the pod. These pods would even be great to set up as little guest cottages on a piece of land to rent out. The options are limitless. How would you use your eco pod?

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